Laurie Schram


SCHRAM&SANDHU was a collaborative project between Laurie Schram and Inderjeet Sandhu. It ran for two years, 2013-2015, and produced S&S Jewellery, The Rent Collection, SCHRAM&SANDHU, and The Soane Museum's tea towel project. These projects are echo's of the same ethos which starts with the credo "No Content, No Product".

In Essence SCHRAM&SANDHU is a brand with no product, in a material sense what we can grasp is a business plan for a brand that delivers precicely nothing but does have a very refined marketing strategy, branding, house style and status driven image.

After this SCHRAM&SANDHU produced S&S Jewellery, a collection of works mostly unwearable created by a fictional jewellery factory following strict rules. The following text is used :

We are S&S jewellery factory, most efficient, mistakes not possible, every artist the same task. A good worker takes three steps. Three steps are virtuous, three steps are desirable for you. The maker is machine. Our best robots are artists, they fulfil quota’s using our superior system of three steps!

S&S jewellery, a collection of works to resist logic, wearabilty and sense.

S&S jewellery factory rules are good. Efficient manufacturing for happy workers and fine product!

Protocol = logic.

The rules of conduct will ensure excellence

The system is a better guide than deductive reasoning

One step is bad, two steps worse but three steps are good.

Three steps are possible.

Follow the rules, not the reason.

It is company policy.

Because we said so.

30 cm brass rod = material.

Artist = worker.

Gold plate = magic.

Rationality must oppress logic.

Out of S&S Jewellery comes The Rent Collection. In The Rent Collection SCHRAM&SANDHU have played with basic elements of jewellery making to create subtle wearable pieces. The tongue in cheek title references like "Bank Charge Earrings” reflect a sardonic way of quantifying monetary value. The Rent Collection urges you to spend your money on SCHRAM&SANDHU’s studio rent by buying some of their jewellery. All pieces are contrived from jewellery findings such as chain, fastners and earring backs in keeping with "No Content, No Product" but with both a material outcome and practical use as jewellery